Extra Income?

Want to earn a bit of extra cash in 2019?

We are Hand 2 Hand Promotions and our clients need your help promoting their businesses.

The great news is that they want to pay you to attract new customers.

How Does it Work?

If you're 18 or over you can sign up as an agent, which is FREE, then we'll send you a choice of offers from our current partners that you can choose to promote...

Choose a promotion..

Choose an offer that you like and one that will appeal to your friends, family, colleagues and social networks.

Receive a box of Discount Cards...

Each card has a 1-off coupon code attached to be used on that retailers' website. Typically, a card gives your friend 25% -50% discount.


Once your box of discount cards arrives, you can put a few in your pocket / wallet / purse / handbag / glovebox and hand them out to people you think need and want them.

Get Paid...

Get paid at the end of every month for all the cards that have been redeemed.

Payments are made straight to your Paypal account

How much can you earn?

How much you earn is dependent on the campaigns you choose to work on, but typically you'll get paid


for every discount card that's redeemed...!!


Enter your details below and you'll get an email telling you all about our current promotions...

Our app is coming soon

Welcome Screen

Very soon, H2H agents will be able to download an app so that they can keep track of how many cards have been redeemed, how much money they have earned and download payments from their mobile devices, whilst they’re on the move.

Typical Promotions

Online Retailers

Online retailers are happy to pay to acquire new customers and are one of our favourite sectors...

Online retailers

Restaurant Chains

From Pizzas to Steak... Restaurant chains need their tables filling and great offers are always welcome...

Restaurant Chains

Holiday Companies

Our Holiday clients want to stand out in a crowded market and H2H helps them achieve just that!

Holiday Companies


How much does it cost to become an Agent?

Nothing - it's absolutely free.

How many boxes of discount cards can I get at once?

You can only have one box of cards at a time. A box costs us £15.00 + delivery, so we like to see cards being redeemed before we issue additional boxes.

Can I choose whatever I like to promote?

Yes you can, but we prefer you to only choose offers that are suitable to your social network and audience; for example, if we have an offer aimed at families with children, we prefer agents which match this group i.e. families with children.

When do I get paid - and how often?

You get paid at the end on the month, each month that you have earned money from redemptions. The money will be paid directly into your Pay Pal account.

How long do I have to distribute the cards?

This varies from promotion to promotion but typically, at least 12 weeks. The cards have an expiry date on them.

What happens if none of the cards I gave out are redeemed?

Although this is unlikely, it does mean that you won't earn any money...


I signed up a couple of weeks ago, my cards arrived two days later and I passed a few round at a party... I've made 125 quid already!!

- G, Chorleywood